L’architettura bioclimatica si pone come obiettivo la progettazione e la costruzione di edifici in stretto rapporto con le condizioni atmosferiche e climatiche esterne del luogo, affinché sia possibile ottenere elevati livelli di comfort climatico all’interno delle abitazioni, con un minimo impiego di climatizzazione artificiale e di conseguenza un minimo impiego di energia fossile.  

  Bioclimatic architecture aims at the design and construction of buildings in
close relationship with the external atmospheric and climatic conditions of the place, so that it is possible to obtain high levels of climatic comfort inside the houses, with a minimum use of artificial air conditioning. and consequently a minimum use of fossil energy.
To achieve this goal, natural energy events (sun, wind, etc.) are exploited at the highest levels for heating, cooling and ventilation.

 Introduction to "Vernacular" Architecture. 
Wisdoms and traditions in designing and construction buildings.

Alliance and symbiosis with the environment of the "Vernacular" Architectures. The ancient peoples over the millennia have conceived and developed a targeted approach to the problem of regulating the climate inside buildings, based on the premise of creating energy from the forces of nature, that is, from the sun, wind, water and earth.

Illustrate some of the building practices and techniques used in antiquity, that is, the so-called "Vernacular" Architecture established an alliance and symbiosis with the surrounding environment, ie the microclimate.

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